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Welcome to Yak and Shadow

A comic team that makes ONE SHOT LEFT and PSEUDO SNIPE HUNT.



We have been hard at work since the summer on a new card game. A crowd-funding campaign will be launched in 2016 for it. Until then we are doing play tests around Winnipeg to get some last notes in and/or possible changes.

details can be found at the official site
The facebook page:
and also on Twitter and Instagram @surplusofpopes
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We are now officially on a new site for comics called TAPASTIC. There you can discover all sorts of new artists carving out a place in the dangerously under populated genre of web based comics. Download the app and you let us make you giggle randomly in public from your mobile device!
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Best convention yet!

C4 (Central Canada Comic Con) was our most successful convention to date!

So successful that I couldn't even tell you guys about it until a month later!

The new commissions will be appearing on this site in the oncoming days and ONE SHOT LEFT has also returned!

Next on the docket is a book that will be formally announced soon…teasers coming soon.

-Will (Shadow)
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Toronto Fax Expo

Greetings and salutations,

I have just completed my first appearance at the Toronto Fan Expo. I was a part of Bikini Island's, also featuring artist Matthew Therrian and filmmaker Steve Kostanski. I was mainly there to help promote MANBORG (a film I die several times in) but brought along some familiar Y&S schwag too. It was an enormous thing to experience. We were in very close proximity to the Starcraft 2 championship site, which always had more-than capacity audience hollering at various Korean kids playing the game in soundproof booths.

While there I got to reconnect with some con pals (like the fiends behind Wolf Cop, Rue Morgue, Cyanide and Happiness, Chasing Artwork, Raven Banner, John DiMaggio, and so many more very friendly faces) and I made some wicked new friendships amongst the wonderfully positive crowd of artists and exhibitors. Items were signed, laughs were had, and a band comprised of Transformers raised my nostalgia metre to 9000 with a concert (that would be CYBERTRONIC SPREE for those who are curious).

I'll be back home in Winnipeg soon. For those that are still in Toronto for TIFF, you can see me in THE EDITOR during their Midnight screenings.

-William (Shadow)
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Calgary Expo 2014

Greetings familiars and new friends from the Calgary Expo 2014.

We are having a pretty darn swell time (gosh darn it) and figured, with all the new folks checking out our site we may as well shamelessly link y'all to our many social networking offshoots liiiiiike:

plus you can find Bart on Twitter & Instragram @comrade_yak
and Willian tweets @Will_ODonnell and Instagramaphones @casts_a_shadow

You could find us both on Linkedin too I suppose...for whatever reason you would have for doing that....cuz that's also a thing I guess...
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Calgary and some stuff happening on the TV

From April 24-27th both William and Bart will be appearing at the Calgary Expo
Yak and Shadow will be at table 3505 in the Big Four building. We will have new merch available plus a few goodies from our past cons still for sale.

In other news, William's TV show The Week Thus Far are getting a bit of semi-viral attention for their latest sketch which can be found here:
and their site
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Wonderland Con

Both the Yak and the Shadow will be one appearing at this new convention as featured artists. Come on by and get yourself an original Pope drawing! All the other kids have done it...and smoking...try smoking too.
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C4 armed (again)

We are officially listed on the Artist Page for this year's Central Canada Comic Con:

See you there! (By "you" I mean those in Winnipeg at the time. And by "see" I mean if you coax my head up from my notepad or away from cosplayers line of site).
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