Toronto Fax Expo

Greetings and salutations,

I have just completed my first appearance at the Toronto Fan Expo. I was a part of Bikini Island's, also featuring artist Matthew Therrian and filmmaker Steve Kostanski. I was mainly there to help promote MANBORG (a film I die several times in) but brought along some familiar Y&S schwag too. It was an enormous thing to experience. We were in very close proximity to the Starcraft 2 championship site, which always had more-than capacity audience hollering at various Korean kids playing the game in soundproof booths.

While there I got to reconnect with some con pals (like the fiends behind Wolf Cop, Rue Morgue, Cyanide and Happiness, Chasing Artwork, Raven Banner, John DiMaggio, and so many more very friendly faces) and I made some wicked new friendships amongst the wonderfully positive crowd of artists and exhibitors. Items were signed, laughs were had, and a band comprised of Transformers raised my nostalgia metre to 9000 with a concert (that would be CYBERTRONIC SPREE for those who are curious).

I'll be back home in Winnipeg soon. For those that are still in Toronto for TIFF, you can see me in THE EDITOR during their Midnight screenings.

-William (Shadow)
casts_a_shadow, August 31st, 2014, 8:59 pm

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